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Nov 10, 2022

On this planet sized three hour episode, I talk to the one, the only, Jeran from the highly censored and shadowbanned Jeranism YouTube channel. We talk about debating ridiculousness, proofs or the true earth, life and so much more. It was truly an honor having him on the show as I have been listening to him for years. Go support him on his YouTube channel and do all that YouTube stuff I am sure you know how to do. Also, follow his Instagram. And most of all, never stop observing reality and questioning the bullshit narrative fed to us by the oligarchs that rule this whirled. Oh, and give me your money!! I am moving and basically unemployed, and as most of you know I am in a crazy custody battle to get my son back home where he belongs. Send us money or just good vibes, both are valuable. Ok I'm gunna fuck off now, enjoy!!!


Instagram: @jeranism

Gimme Yo Money: @MoralBob(venmo)

My Insta: @thehiddenpod