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Dec 10, 2021

Bob makes his debut appearance on Monday Night Master Debaters hosted by Matt of THE GREAT DECEPTION PODCAST. Additional guests include: Nick from Australia, Ryan from Dangerous World Pod, comic book publisher Paranoid American, and the Blue Collar Mystic Bootsy Greenwood.

The crew touches on many topics including: Situation in Australia, I Could Just Murder You (A History of Government on Earth), the mindset of ‘Might Makes Right’, Power of Energy, Poles/Polarity of Left/Right Blue/Red, Are we seeing the death of bodily autonomy, AI & Robots, Dr Arianna Love, and the long game played by dynastic families

Go support all of the guests:

Ryan from Dangerous World Podcast


IG: dangerousworldpod


Paranoid American

IG: @paranoidamerican

Bootsy Greenwood of the Bootsy Greencast Podcast

IG: @bootsygreenwood

Moral Bob from Hidden in Plain Sight Podcast

IG: @themoralbob

Mat from The Great Deception Podcast

IG: @thegreatdeceptionpodcast






Nick from Australia

Twitter: @KilluminationAU