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Jun 23, 2020

This is a special episode recorded at the Liberty Tree Tavern in Elgin, TX a couple weeks ago. I was joined by two co-hosts, Buck Johnson of the Death to Tyrants Podcast and Bobby Pearson of the Not For Everyone Podcast. We went to the Liberty Tree Tavern because we wanted to chat with the owner of the bar, Kevin Smith. Kevin instituted a "no masks allowed" policy at the Liberty Tree Tavern a few weeks prior to our interview, when most people were still freaked out about dying from COVID-19. As you can imagine, the mob came after him. He received threats, doxxing, and all of the usual scare tactics the fundamentalist left likes to use. He also gained a lot of support from locals and people from all over coming into his bar and wanting to tip big and give him their business. Kevin shares stories from his days with Alex Jones and the Ron Paul Revolution. Also, just to add to the environment of a live, on-scene recording, there are two scuffles that break out WHILE we are recording the podcast. We also do a Q&A session at the end.